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Yacht Exteriors.

Bernd Weel Design is a Dutch design studio specializing in yacht exterior design.

Established in 2013 and as a company based in The Netherlands, where quality and efficiency are highly valued, we create realistic and above all groundbreaking yacht designs.


Every project starts with a blank canvas and a client's vision. From there on, the design process initiates.

Through handsketches we are able to put ideas quickly and understandable on paper. A fundamental part of the design proces. Especially in the initial stages these sketches are an asset to grow ideas into groundbreaking designs.

Once the overal design concept has been laid out, we fixate our ideas into a 3D styling model. Making sure the concept and ideas all fit, subsequently fixating all styling lines and surfaces. We work in Rhinoceros, a standard in the shipbuilding industry. We strive to build our 3D models to absolute perfection and precision - we often consider it our most important 'deliverable'.

Nowadays 3D visuals are getting more and more important. Hyper realistic artist impressions are a must for our clients, it will often boost sales and marketing of a project. We team up with one of the best professionals out there in the industry.



Yacht exteriors have always been our passion. We look for pure & crisp lines in our designs. Lines that not only follow function, but give a design its own character and identity. Surface design is always focussed on how light will reflect upon it, creating highlights and shadows in the right place. Creating sculptures that stand the test of time, always seeking for 'the essence' in our designs.

After gaining experience in yacht exterior design for many years, we found ourselves in the position to extend our services into interior design for the 38-50 foot range production yachts. Especially in this size range it is vital to have a design concept whereby exterior and interior touch and are in absolute harmony. A design that follows the same DNA from out- to inside.

Back in 2014 our very first project was a yacht refit, or also called 're-build'. When refitting a yacht, there are many boundaries to consider. It can comprise technical and production challenges, knowing where you can and where you cannot modify is key. We love the challenge in seeking the best possible design alterations, within the enveloppe of an existing yacht.

About Bernd Weel


Bernd draws on his extensive cross-sector knowledge to push design boundaries that delight clients. Having always had a deep devotion to all aspects of design, from architecture to automotive, he mastered his skills to perfection in Italy, before establishing his own independent design studio in 2013.
Bernd has built an impressive portfolio having worked among the most prestigious professionals in the yachting industry and loves to inspire the client through direct involvement in the process, providing authentic hand-drawn sketches, which are then developed into high-quality 3D surface models.

"Every project has its own unique characteristics and story. In many cases, it is the owner or client that makes a project truly special."


The exterior design of Lady Fleur got awarded at the BOAT International Design & Innovation Awards 2023 last February. "This finalist was tapped for the top award because of the innovative, contemporary way her design team met a very complex owner’s brief."

BOAT International - Best Exterior Design category 24-40m


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