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16 - 33 m



Built designs


With the arrival of its Xtreme series, Holterman Shipyard reveals its newest showpieces. Holterman Shipyard has been a market leader in high-end yacht building for more than 50 years. Based in Meppel, the shipyard puts quality and exclusivity first. The yachts are made “in-house” with the highest possible craftmanship. Each yacht is unique and fully designed with clients to guarantee them the ‘ultimate custom-built journey.’

Holterman Shipyard specializes in custom-built yachts from 15m (49,2ft). The passion, ambition and experience combined with big dreams provided the opportunity to make the Xtreme series. We have been involved from the very beginning on each Xtreme project at Holterman. The projects range from 16 to 33 meters in length.

A few highlights were the 33m Lady Fleur which won the best exterior design in the Boat International awards in 2023. Her naval architecture was done by Diana Yacht Design, with interiors from the board of Trimm Design.

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